Feb 25, 2012


I just received a ray of sunshine of Mayken, i think i'll pass
it on to you all. The temperature is going up, i even go outside
in my new coat - which is a little too cold for real winter
temperatures, but really really beautiful - and sleep with my
windows open. Hope it will stay like this and we'll see some
more sun soon.

favorite color: natural colours with a little fluo
favorite animal: all animals when they're little
favorite non-alcoholic drink: chocolate milkshake
facebook or twitter: none of both, blogger
getting or giving presents: depends on the person, my boyfriend doesn't like to receive presents so i rather get them from him :)
favorite flower: dahlia during summer
favorite pattern: anything geometric
passion: creating new things, making existing things slightly better
favorite number: 2

Normally I should pass this one to 5 people, but i'd like to give
a sunshine award to everyone who gives me a smile on
my face, who inspires me, to everyone longing for the sun but
loving the last days of winter.